We take care of your vehicle the same way you do

Complete auto care under one roof. From supercar to daily commuter, rest assured that the love and attention you give to your vehicle is reciprocated by our car passionate staff.

Maintenance & Repairs

From annual maintenance schedules to diagnosing a challenging issue with your vehicle – we can get you back on the road.

Interior & Exterior

Whether it’s detailing, paint protection, color changes, upholstery or tint – we personalize the interior and exterior of your vehicle into a show stopper.

Performance Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade the suspension, engine or transmission performance in your vehicle? We can bring your modification goals to life.

Fleet Management

Custom fleet management services for repairs, annual maintenance, and annual detailing. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your fleet vehicles are in the best conditions possible.

Custom Projects

Our knowledgeable staff can bring your vision to life. From reviving a classic to building a one-off kit car, we can make your dream a reality.

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Come to Oraizen Automotive for brake maintenance, repairs or upgrades. We can manage your complete braking system to help you improve road safety and increase your stopping performance.


We are equipped with the Hunter HawkEye Elite wheel alignment machine. It is the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market. Get an accurate alignment for your vehicle.


Increase or maintain the performance of your vehicle’s suspension. From lift kits to OEM replacements to aftermarket coilover kits,  your vehicle’s suspension needs are executed with precision at Oraizen Automotive. 


Bad steering pump fluid can cause damage to your steering pump internals and quickly become a safety hazard. Our steering fluid flush service will help you maintain a smooth steering experience.

Annual Servicing

Oraizen Automotive can continually service your vehicle at every mileage milestone. Our annual service and inspection ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Wheels & Tires

Our Hunter Road Force Elite is the most technologically advanced balancer on the market that can solve wheel vibration problems that traditional balancers cannot. Our Corghi Artiglio Master Code Tire Changer is built to handle high-end and odd-sized tires, making use of a no-touch system to avoid any rim or tire damage.

General Service Pricing

4-Wheel Alignment

Using our Hunter Hawkeye Elite wheel alignment system, we can align your wheels with precision. Available for all vehicles including low profile/specialty vehicles.

Starts from

$149 – 225

Out of province inspection

Have you purchased a vehicle from another province and want to insure it in Alberta? We can help.

Set price


Tire Services

From seasonal tire changes (on rims) to tire changes with balancing (off rims) to tire rotations, we can get you ready for any season.

Starts from

$74 – 150

Flush Service Pricing

Hot Oil Flush

Not sure if the car you purchased had regular oil changes? Need peace of mind? A hot oil flush will rid your motor of any contaminants. Servicerice does not include the price of engine oil.

Starts at


Brake Flush

Take all the old, dirty brake fluid out of your system and replace it with fresh, clean fluid. Include a brake fluid flush in your regular car maintenance. Add $40 for synthetic oil

Starts at


Power Steering Flush

Don’t get caught in a very dangerous situation. Bad power steering fluid can cause severe damage to pumps, hoses, and steering gear seals. Eventually, this will wear down your power steering system to the point of failure. Have your steering fluid changed approx. every 80,000km. Add $30 for synthetic oil.

Starts at


Coolant Flush

With the severe climate of Alberta, it’s a good idea to replace your engine coolant fluid every two years or every 50,000km. 

Starts at


Automatic Transmission Flush

Your automatic transmission is one of the most expensive pieces of your vehicle. Maximize the lifespan and performance of your transmission by having the fluid changed. Add $100 for synthetic oil.

Starts at


Front Diff Service

For all-wheel-drive vehicles draining the old fluid from the differential and replacing it with new fluid according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

Starts at


Rear Diff Service

For rear-wheel-drive vehicles draining the old fluid from the differential and replacing it with new fluid according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. Add $70 for synthetic oil.

Starts at


Transfer Case Service

For vehicles with an all-wheel-drive system draining the old fluid from the transfer case and replacing it with new fluid according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications. 

Starts at


Exterior & Interior Detailing

Our professional detailing staff will take care of cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Our meticulous approach leaves your car looking and smelling like the day it walked off the showroom floor. Call us to get the right package for you.

Paint Protection Film

Rock chips, scrapes and scratches can be avoided with paint protection film. We can wrap your whole vehicle’s surface in self-healing protective film. We have various packages that wrap specific areas to choose from. Call us for a quote.

Window Tinting

Whether its privacy, pure looks or to keep your interior protected, we can tint your windows in various types of film. Call us for more information.

Polishing & Ceramic Coatings

Looking for a mirror-like shine for your vehicle paint? We can do a single, dual or wet sand to your vehicle’s finish to make it look amazing. We then finish it off with a ceramic coating to protect it from contaminants so cleaning your vehicle is easier to maintain.

Interior Restoration

No job is too big when it comes to Autoworx interior restoration department. Domestic or Imports, Cars or Trucks, We are here to help!

Katzkin Leather Interior

The world’s leading manufacturer of custom leather interiors for car dealers. Over 2000 vehicle patterns in over 80 colors and unlimited 2-tone combinations. 

Interiors have been approved for installation on vehicles with advanced airbag technology.

3 year / 60,000km warranty across North America.

Officially licensed product for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford and GM


Heated &
Ventilated Seats 

Tired of cold seats in the winter? Wish your seats were not so hot in the summer? We are happy to offer solutions for both situations! 

Our carbon fiber seat heaters can be installed with our new leather as well as in most existing cloth seats. 


Custom Upholstery & Repairs

If you want something different, we are here to accommodate! Personalize your seats, floor mats, headrests or anything at all!

Tears or rips in your seats? Pets damages, cigarette burns, water damage or just old age wear, we can fix them all and make your interior new again. 

We even repair springs, frames and padding that is worn or sagging. 

Bikes, Boats, Cars, Trucks or RVs, individual seat panels, entire bench or a complete makeover we can do it all!  


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